Stripe-1000-Websites-list - Buy now !

This plan will let you receive a report consist of a list of 1000 websites with there contact iformations and meta data for Stripe

By buying this report which costs 9.99$ you will receive an excel file with a bellow content for each website :

  • Website domain name
  • Office Locations

    (list of countries)

  • Technology Spend
  • Traffic

    (this will give you a traffic estimation Very High,High,medium and low traffic ranks)

  • company_name

    (this field will give you the company name if it exists)

  • addresses

    (this column include all office locations with postal codes and cities )

  • telephones
  • contacts

    (this will give you list of people working on this companies including linkedin profiles)

  • vertical

    (this will give you the categorie the website is belong to example art,ecommerce,bussiness etc.)

  • ttfb

    (time to first bite, it will give you the times in miliseconds it will mesure how fast a website is)

  • site_map

    (this will give you the number of sitemaps the websit have)

  • reff_ips

    (number of reffering ip addresses)

  • reff_sub

    (number of reffering subnets)

  • picture

    (the profile screenshot of a website)

  • links

    (the links to social media profile, inlcuding facebook,linkedin,tiktok, github etc)

  • emails

    (this is the list of email addresses of a website we found)

  • open_page_rank

    (open page rankings)

  • tranco_ranks

    (tranco rankings)

  • majestic_ranks

    (majestic rankings )

  • majestic_tld

    (majestic top level domain rankings )